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Let Them Go Joe – What To Hope For In Tonight’s Senate Vote on Health Care Reform

Tonight at about 8 pm, the Senate will begin the process of voting on the 2000 plus page health care reform bill. First, a brief explanation of the process. The vote tonight is not to actually pass the bill. In … Continue reading

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What happens when I master a crop in FarmVille?

Bumble has another tip for FarmVille addicts. After you have reached level 10, you will be eligible to master crops in FarmVille. Each crop you harvest will count as a mastery point towards become an expert in farming that particular … Continue reading

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FarmVille – Release the Mighty Plantation or else!

This weekend FarmVille finally unleashed the Big Ole Plantation for addicts with enough neighbors and coins. The release coincided with the addition of the Chicken Coop, and followed just on the heels of the Baby Turkeys. For those of you … Continue reading

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