Bumble reviews the NBA (No Better Alternative) Playoffs…


In just a few minutes the 7 game meh-fest known as the Eastern Conference Finals starts. Featuring the Celtics vs. the Magic. 24 millionaires will put nothing on the line to become mildly more marketable. BORING! Will Bumble watch? Probably. But only because there is no better alternative right now.

Baseball has really just started on the longest season in pro sports. Teams are about 1/5th of the way through the 162 regular season schedule. Hardly any nail biting drama going on yet. Hell, even Bumble’s beloved Pirates are only 4.5 games out of wild card contention. So literally, anything can still happen. No, baseball is not poised to capture anyone’s attention full time just yet.

Flyers win! Flyers...yawwwwnnnn win....

Hockey is in the midst of an improbable playoffs though. The Eastern Conference Finals feature the #7 Flyers vs. the #8 Canadiens. The Flyers just became the 3rd team in history to come back from a 3-0 deficit by winning game 7 after trailing 3-0. So what! The WWE has more fans watching Monday Night Raw than the Flyers had watching their game 7 miracle.  Bumble isn’t kidding. Last weeks Monday Night Raw drew 4.5 million viewers. Flyers vs. Bruins game 7 comeback on Friday? Well the official ratings don’t come out until Tuesday, but Bumble’s prediction is that it won’t surpass the 4.5 million raw viewers. Yes that’s right, its likely the most unbelievable comeback ever (in a sport played by honkeys on ice) will have been watched by less people than the WWE with special guest host Flavor Flav.

Really, even this is more fun than GOOD hockey?!?!

So given the alternatives right now in sports the NBA playoffs are about the only thing mildly interesting. Barely. So so sad. March was Madness. May is Mildness. That’s why the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is the best thing in sports. Kids that will never go pro making huge historical moments for nothing other than the joy of the game. Nothing in PRO sports can really compete with that. Once you start getting paid for something the joy kind of gets sucked out of it. . No for the true joy and competition of sports, where anything really CAN happen come back in March. Until then, join Bumble in song…

Where have you gone Ali Farokhmanesh, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you... wooo wooo wooo...

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