SyFy Launches B Movie Mogul And Let’s You Help Create The Next Mansquito!

The Syfy channel announced the launch of it’s new “B Movie Mogul” site where fans can pitch ideas for a film in a giant online mad-lib. The resultant cornucopia of corny will be filmed and released next year as a two hour SyFy original movie.

Fans will be able to submit ideas and vote on everything from the title to how the characters die. Spoiler alert, the characters will likely die. The first round of voting will begin Friday June 25th to select an overall direction for the film.

Options will be:

  • 2012 Apocalypse Story
  • Bermuda Triangle Creature Feature
  • Roswell Alien Movie

Bumble loves this idea! A movie can never have too many producers or too much input! The internet has finally been embraced as a vehicle to empower the will of the waffling masses! Yeah! Come and see democracy in action starring Tiffany!

Executives at SyFy are the first corporate geniuses using modern technology to empower John Q. Public to do their jobs for them. Bumble salutes you good sirs!

Tony Hayward laments not being as smart as SyFy

BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward laments not being as smart as SyFy!

This could lead to a whole “new deal” in America. If this works out, perhaps the government can lay off a few million people and take the vote directly to the people via Twitter! Maybe we will soon vote for referendums in our local government with a “Like” button similar to the one on Facebook! Who knows where this can end? What? George Orwell? Shhhh… you ruin the satire…

I like Ike in 2012

I like Ike in 2012?

Anyway, Bumble suspects that once you see the SyFy movie that is generated from the idiot hoard you will know why we need real elections instead of “Like” buttons.

Some very famous and brainy people have always feared a scenario where decisions are made by the whims of the majority rule. What did Alexis de Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzche, or Alexander Hamilton know about making a movie anyway?

Voting for a SyFy movie online should prove to be an interesting experiment in “mob rule”. Many of the thinkers, philosophers, and madmen listed above advocated representative forms of government precisely because decisions made by majority vote cause the individual’s wants to be actively oppressed. Come on you can stay with Bumble on this. Bumble has faith.

If you ever go out to lunch with coworkers you have experienced the oppression of majority rule. Likely almost everyone wanted to go to lunch at a different place. The inevitable compromise meant everyone had to eat at the least offensive restaurant to the group as a whole. More likely not one single person got to go to their truly favorite eatery. Happiness and group-think are mutually exclusive.

So despite the warnings of some truly enlightened intellectuals Bumble will embrace the tyranny of the majority. He waits with bated breath for the release of SyFy’s insane but entertaining social experiment. Bumble suspects the result will be used as evidence for why we will never hold elections for public office online.

And that's what you end up with when you let stupid people have a say...

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