WTF is Bumble?

Infidel Nation is dedicated to fans of Rumble Bumble, angry Persian cat at large.

In his spare time Bumble laments the future of humanity, licks himself, chases infidel squirrels, and naps.

Being of Persian decent, Bumble is naturally disposed to an anti-western rhetoric in the interest of making America less stupid.

“Exiled from Persia (now called Iran by the ignorant west), my tribe has spent generations in servile abasement to inferior creatures. Inferior in every way, culturally, religiously, hygienically, and certainly morally. They do however have thumbs & treats.”

Bumble enjoys watching Fox News and MS-NBC just to see how different they report the same news. Bumble is also thoroughly addicted to FarmVille after signing up for it to do research on stupid FarmVille addicts.

Yes, Bumble is a real cat. If you are curious how this angry Persian cat maintains a blog we have three words for you…

Turbo Dictation Software.

You talking to me?!

death to you!

Death to you!


One Response to WTF is Bumble?

  1. Baja Bill says:

    I enjoyed your FarmVille views!

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