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Funny FarmVille pictures, Stories and fun with Addicts. Do you know some idiot addicted to FarmVille? Are you an idiot addicted to FarmVille? Bumble can help as he has hated, loved and once again hated this annoying game. It is ridiculously addictive but it is possible to quit! You can do it. You can get your life (such as it was) back again!

General Cabra Escapes From FarmVille!

Many of you have been wondering just where the heck Bumble went after Christmas. Was Bumble’s New Year’s Resolution to never blog again? Nope. Unfortunately, Bumble has spent nearly a month in a heated legal battle with an insolent subversive … Continue reading

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Make An Impact With This Last Minute Christmas Gift for FarmVille Addicts

Many of you have friends that are addicted to FarmVille on FaceBook. You undoubtedly know who your addicted friends are from the amount of updates you see daily on your wall. Just look at what Bumble’s friends suffer daily (or … Continue reading

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What happens when I master a crop in FarmVille?

Bumble has another tip for FarmVille addicts. After you have reached level 10, you will be eligible to master crops in FarmVille. Each crop you harvest will count as a mastery point towards become an expert in farming that particular … Continue reading

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