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Bumble grew tired of vague weekly horoscopes with all broad stroke predictions like “By Saturday you will feel positive”. In full rage it was time to take action and invent something never before seen on the interwebs. HORRORscopes. Infidel Nation is now the place for a better, more specific translation of your fortune cookie horoscope generated by other websites. You no longer have to figure out what it means when Venus trines Leo. Bumble will do it for you. Check back weekly for your free HORRORscope translations!

Horrororscopes! Funny Horoscopes For The Week of June 20th

Love is in the air this week! Venus, the planet of romance, enters fiery Leo on Monday, setting the stage for “le grande passion”! Watch how quickly ardor heats up when meeting someone special. Inner strength will be on tap … Continue reading

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Horrorscopes! Funny Horoscope translations for the new week!

Conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus this week. Bumble thanks the universe for this gift of easy pickings on the Horrorscope front. Aries Horoscope: This major conjunction is going to have a big effect on you. After months of seeking and … Continue reading

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HORRORscopes! Funny Horoscope translations!

Bumble tires of vague horoscopes with corny “predictions” and advice that could apply to anyone. It’s time for Bumble to write his own horoscopes for the nation. Infidel Nation proudly introduces… HORRORSCOPES, Bumblized translations of real horoscopes. Beware, these are … Continue reading

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