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SyFy Launches B Movie Mogul And Let’s You Help Create The Next Mansquito!

The Syfy channel announced the launch of it’s new “B Movie Mogul” site where fans can pitch ideas for a film in a giant online mad-lib. The resultant cornucopia of corny will be filmed and released next year as a … Continue reading

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Finally someone that doesn’t suck wins American Idol! Congrats Lee Dewyze!

First and foremost American Idol is fun. If you aren’t down with that, Bumble has three words for you. Death to you! Now on to the finale. No matter who won tonight at least the winner wouldn’t suck this year. … Continue reading

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Life after Lost, What’s next for ABC?

There is only one final episode to go folks. The series finale is just around the corner. All our questions will finally be answered. Except perhaps one. What the hell do we watch now? For starters what about rehashed old … Continue reading

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