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True stories from Bumble’s life.

Bumble’s Halloween Encounter with… El Chupacabra!

Halloween is a rough time of year to be a black cat. Mommy and Daddy insist that I stay inside because people get weird around black cats this time of year. Something about M-80’s. Bumble is not fond of captivity. … Continue reading

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Bumble a Drongo no longer!

A few months ago Bumble met a new colleague. Technically this fellow is higher in the corporate hierarchy, so in effect is one of Bumble’s many bosses. On the corporate food chain, Bumble is somewhere between plankton and killer whale. … Continue reading

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Best reason ever to quit law school.

Back in ’97 Bumble spent a brief stint in law school at the University of Richmond. Overall this entire experience could be dubbed “The autumn of Socratic Method & Platonic Love”. After just a few months, Bumble had a series … Continue reading

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